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One of the first NIN interviews ever!
AM Publishing - 1989-01-01

who the hell is john malm
the new alternatives - 1989-12-01

Black Celebration/Flash
Spin - 1990-02-01

Getting Down In It
Alternative Press - 1990-03-01

Portrait of a Nine Inch Nail
Alternative Press - 1990-07-01

Branding Nine Inch Nails
Rockflash - 1990-07-28

Thrasher Magazine - 1990-07-28

Aggressive Nails
Billboard - 1990-10-01

Welcome to the Machine
Industrial Introspection - 1991-06-01

Lollapalooza Interview
MTV - 1991-08-20

Anarchy in the USA
Guitar World - 1991-09-01

And A Bang Of The Gear
NME - 1991-09-07

Trent Reznor's Posts on Prodigy
Prodigy - 1991-11-08

Music Reviews

Pretty Hate Machine
CMJ - 1990-12-01