Due to the mass number of release parties for AATCHB, we are attempting to organize a list of upcoming previews and release parties. Most of the events listed below are free, and will also be giving away related goodies during the get togethers. If you have more information about any release parties not listed here, please let us know. We'll post more information as we get time to. Thanks, enjoy! And don't forget to tell them where you heard about the release party ;)

January 16 - Wednesday
Toronto - Famous Players Imax Theatre - 11pm

January 17 - Thursday
Chicago - Delilah's - 9pm
West Palm Beach - Respectable Street Cafe - 9pm
Montreal - Famous Player IMAX Theatre - 11pm (see review)

January 18 - Friday
Houston - Numbers Nightclub - Time unknown

January 19 - Saturday
West Chester, PA - West Chester University - Time unknown
Miami, FL - Poplife - Time unknown
Pittsburgh, PA - Ceremony @ The Upstage - Time Unknown
New York - AlbionBatcave - 9pm

January 21 - Monday
New Orleans - The Shim Sham Club - 10pm
Chicago - Crows Nest Music - Midnight Sale
Philadelphia - The Trocadero - 7:30pm
Detroit, MI - State Theater - 9pm
Albequerque, NM - Hastings - 11pm listening party, midnight sale