11pm. A bunch of people are here, in the Paramount IMAX theater, waiting for what they were waiting for months. It's now time for the Nine Inch Nails DVD premiere; And All That Could Have Been. Courtesy of WBTZ 99,9 The Buzz and Universal Music Canada, hundreds of people, mostly winners of The Buzz Contest are here to finally see Nine Inch Nails on IMAX screen.

The screening was split in two parts. From Terrible Lie to Wish, Suck to Hurt. At first, I have to mention that the sound was unbelievable, the place was shaking from everywhere. Rob Sheridan and Trent Reznor had chosen the very best of venues. Images were scratchy and clear, making the experience more convincing. This DVD is perfectly done. Creating the real ambiance of NIN last tour.
As a matter of fact, the Nine Inch Nails experience was not appropriate for an IMAX theater. In the middle of "The Wretched", the back speakers blew up, the sound got lower and lower. People were shouting and got disappointed. Finally, after a couple of songs, they found a way to patch the problem by raising sound from front. The Buzz also held a ticket draw for dvd's, live cds and t-shirts
This DVD is a master piece. I think that NIN accomplished what they wanted to do.So many images taken from everywhere; close up, images from the pit, from the top of the theater, from backstage, from everywhere. I did not have the chance to experience the entire DVD because I was taking pictures during the screening. Unfortunately, 50 pictures were too dark to publish. These are the ones I could save.
This will be the best souvenir you could have of a great tour. If i had to rank the dvd out of 10 then i would give it 9/10. Why it is not perfect? If you saw the show, you will understand. It recreated an ambience, the perfect sound and stumbling images Nine Inch Nails give us during the tour, but we already experienced the perfect.
Many many thanks to WBTZ 99,9 The Buzz and Jonathan Bergeron from Universal Music Canada who gave me the opportunity to be there and for allowing me to take pictures during the screening


Left picture: _lou, Jonathan Bergeron from Universal and me.