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| 03 april 1997 |
chris schulte is back, on his "amazing prices" site, spreading more untrue rumors. in his "gossip report for april 3 1997" he states: Jason Patterson may not be the NIN webmaster for very much longer. From what I hear the guys have said "That [Jason being the OFFICIAL webmaster] will never happen. When Trent decides to partake in a full time net presence, he's not going to rely on someone like Jason Patterson to bring about his ideas. Trent has so many more qualified people that can and probably will develop his official presence. From what I know the "www.nothingrecords.com" site is a lost cause, and will never come to life. I know this is a pretty dangerous thing to say, but I do have a pretty solid justification. If I am wrong (and I hope I am) this will only be a kick in the ass for Jason, and he'll get the site up and running in no time. So let's hope I'm wrong! (Or more accurately say I hope "John Doe" is wrong). everything in the above statement is UNTRUE. contract plans have NOT changed since last may. cookware and i will be doing the official nothing records pages, as well as the official nine inch nails site. many have inquired what the delays are due to. they are not on my end. we have been waiting for artwork from the graphic artist since last november. that is all. schulte, please tell me your sources or tell them that they are wrong. i WILL post news here once we get going on the site again. many many thanks to parm.
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mtv commercial
mtv's playing another one of those japanese commercials, this time with "wish" in the background. the guys were showing off their lung power, etc. thanks chris.
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teen affidavits
some manson concert testimonials are available here, lies? thanks peter.
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good going
interscope records' site misspelled "marilyn manson" (as "marlyn"). great stuff. i hope that we won't make the same mistake on nothingrecords.com. thanks scott.
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another mtv commercial
a comedic mtv commercial is on again, with manson as the theme this time. it starts with the caption in white "marilyn manson's parents" and shows hands flipping through a scrapbook of nin and manson pictures and articles. you hear a womans voice say something to the effet of "we keep all the concerts reviews and articles..." and then she turns to the cover of rolling stone with manson on it. "here's rolling stone she proclaims. we're very proud..." and then it pans up to the two (an elderly white haired couple although as far as i know what they look like it's not his true parents). they're both wearing black face masks (similiar to zoro) and the father says "yes, very proud" as a huge mtv logo floats over their head... almost as cheesy as the couch thing with trent but it's ammusing and they have some cool pics in that album. thanks sean.
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atn news
a bit from addicted to noise, most of this was already available here: addicted to noise staff writer gil kaufman reports: trent reznor has tapped a who's-who of techno artists to remix "the perfect drug." the track, from the reznor-produced soundtrack to david lynch's lost highway movie, will get a new face from the orb, space time continuum, plug (aka wagonchrist aka luke vibert, an artist reznor has been pursuing for his nothing record label), aphrodite and meat beat manifesto. no release date for the remixes has been set yet.

speaking of meat beat, they too have asked some friends to remix one of their songs, in this case it's the old 1990 chestnut "radio babylon." beat leader jack dangers has asked plug to give the song a gloss, as well as the track "asbestos lead asbestos," for a new ep called original fire, that will come out on nothing in may. the ep will also contain a new remix of another meat beat classic, "helkter skelter," plus a new track called "it's the music," previously available only in the uk. a source close to the band told atn that the orb have also laid their hands on "radio babylon," but that the track was so long it may not fit onto the ep. thanks matt.

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alternative press
the new ap (helmet cover) features a pack page article "the mustache rides again!" telling that from trent reznor to the edge, more and more musicians seem to be sporting 'staches (photo of trent included). thanks ed.
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rolling stone
the new rs (beck cover) features an article on floria sigismondi, director of the last 2 manson videos. thanks ed.
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