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| 08 may 1997 |
halo eleven
promos have been circulated to radio stations and the like. on kroq after hours they played one mix that sounded as thus: No one announced which remix it was, but the thing was stripped down to the bare bones. Most of the lyrics were jettisoned, and the only line which popped up regularly was "YOU ARE THE PERFECT-" but the "DRUG" was cut off. Also in the track were "YOU MAKE ME HARD-AND I WANT YOU"... Short segments of the drum solo also survived, but until the first time some lyrics were played, the song was almost unrecognizable... meanwhile someone has actually gotten the retail version: [cover]

meat beat manifesto
nine inch nails
spacetime continuum
the orb

[the times are listed on the right side of the cover sideways from top to bottom]

1 7m39s
2 6m59s
3 8m25s
4 5m48s
5 6m17s

[inside cover]
1 remix and additional production by jack dangers engineered by josh t. roberts at toast studios, s.f.
2 remix and additional production by luke vibert
3 remixed by trent reznor and keith hillebrandt engineered/mixed by brian pollack at nothing studios, new orleans
4 recreated by jonah sharp
5 remixed by the orb engineered by andy hughes

original version taken from the
nothing/interscope release "lost highway" intd/c-90090
courtesy of nothing/tvt/interscope records

c 1997 leaving hope music/tvt music (ascap), d. lohner
all rights reserved used by permission

management by john a. malm, jr. for conservative

package by gary talpas

[the back cover is similar to the front with colours moved around, the upc in the upper right corner, and the standard copyright stuff at the bottom]
8 1 12 15 0 5 12 5 22 5 14

trent reznor and marilyn manson won three awards each at the seventh annual video awards. reznor for "the perfect drug" video and for the lost highway soundtrack. manson won his trio of awards for "the beautiful people" video.
1 23 1 18 4 19

original fire
meat beat manifesto's upcoming ep original fire is scheduled to be released by nothing/interscope records in the usa on may 20th. the promotional two-disc vinyl will be shipped to radio and clubs several weeks prior. for more info check out mbm's website.
15 18 9 7 9 14 1 12 0 6 9 18 5

quake 2
unfortunately, the soundtrack // sound effects for the upcoming id game quake 2 will not include any work by trent reznor // nine inch nails. unfortunate, yes, but there are other priorities to be considered.
17 21 1 11 5 0 0

freedom of speech
the first amendment is alive and well in new jersey -- courts ruled that manson cannot be banned -- marilyn manson will perform on the ozzfest ticket june 16.
6 18 5 5 4 15 13 0 15 6 0 19 16 5 5 3 8

us magazine
there is a quote from trent reznor in the june 97 issue of us magazine: "The English press gives me all this shit: 'No one can be as depressed as this guy... He's just cashing in.' But I am that depressed!"
21 19 0 13 1 7 1 26 9 14 5

mardi gras
regarding the last mardi gras -- tribe magazine, new orleans city magazine, is reporting that trent rode on a float disguised in a turbin sort of hat similar to the one `i dream of jeannie' wore on the show. after throwing off $14,000 worth of beads, trent then left the float, took pictures with fans and then went to a party held by better than ezra. in the magazine, trent is posing for a picture. and he is smiling.
13 1 18 4 9 0 7 18 1 19

tapeworm netrumors
new rumor that tapeworm will include vrenna, finck, and daisy berkowitz is circulating. a rumor.
20 1 16 5 23 15 18 13 0 14 5 20 18 21 13 15 18 19

drummer compilation
some news on a drummer compilation disc, possibly featuring chris vrenna, was posted to atn on sunday: Addicted To Noise Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports: In a new spin on the old James Brown plea to "give the drummer some," an album due out this summer aims to give a gang of alternative rock drummers their due.

Called Flyin' Traps, the instrumental percussion record on Hollywood Records features ex-Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron on a self-penned tune called "Theme From Holy-O," the Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd playing his composition "Headphones Theme From Seemingly Infinity," Porno For Pyros' Stephen Perkins doing his tune "Monkey in Brazil," Mudhoney's Dan Peters covering Ray Davies' (Kinks) "Do You Remember Walter?," and the Melvins' Dale Crover with the appropriately sick, "Vomit and Orange Juice."

Other artists on the collection, produced by Redd Kross' Brian Reitzell, include: Reitzell "Snake and Mongoose," former drummer J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) "Car!," Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees/Tuatara) "Barnburner," Joey Waronker (Beck) "Chorkle is Dead," Josh Freese (Slider/Paul Westerberg) "The Gay 90's," Tim "Herb" Alexander (ex-Primus/Laundry) "Choked," Mac McNeilly (ex-Jesus Lizard) "Lime," Michael Musburger (Fastbacks) "Noodles," Alexis Fleisig (Girls Against Boys) "Don't Ruin Me Gorgeous" and Chris Vrenna (ex-NIN) "The Steel Box."

In the liner notes to the collection, Modern Drummer magazine Assistant Editor Adam Budofsky, says of the contributions, "I'd wager that even listeners who recognize the names of the drummers on Flyin' Traps will be pretty surprised by the diverse and mesmerizing sounds they discover here. The full spectrum not only of drumming, but of musical expression is represented, from Barrett Martin's squelchy urban jungle, to Stephen Drozd's cosmic sonic space voyage, to Joey Waronker's sinister avant-garde groove experiment--to Dan Peters' neat re-interpretation of Ray Davies jewel."

4 18 21 13 13 5 18 0 3 15 13 16 9 12 1 20 9 15 14

chemical bros
allstar daily news reported that the chiemical brothers sampled "a warm place" during their may 2 show in las vegas.
3 8 5 13 9 3 1 12 0 2 18 15 19

on saturday the comic strip "ghost story club" had a mentioning of nin. part of a story about some girl who gets sent back to 1692. apparently, she's showing off some of her technology from the future to prove she's been time warped. in the last frame, she yanks out a cd player, expecting some old guy to understand what it is. she says, "and here's a portable cd player. it plays music. listen!" then he yells, "voices of demons!" she replies, "no, nine inch nails."
3 15 13 9 3

american journal
a transcript of that aj show on manson can be found here
1 13 5 18 9 3 1 14 0 10 15 21 18 14 1 12

u2 show
wall of sound reports about trent's attire at the opening u2 show: As for Trent Reznor, we can't be sure he was staying at the MGM Grand, but he was certainly hard to miss in the lobby, dressed in black shorts and black T-shirt, with a sticker on his shirt reading: "Hello, My Name Is Satan." supposedely there is a picture of this in the 5/9 issue of entertainment weekly (p. 38?).
21 0 0 19 8 15 23

chris vrenna may be having some naming problems, from this vague report from atn: Well, a few artists have come across some trouble with their names lately. Nine Inch Nails alum Chris "No, I haven't joined Guns N' Roses" Vrenna's new project, Tweaker, may have to rethink that moniker ...
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