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| 07 july 1997 |
fairy dust
microsoft music central reports the following on fairy, the collaboration between billy pumpkin, chris vrenna, manson, and twiggy: TLN: We promise you follow-ups and we deliver. Last week we told you about a potential supergroup in the making Fairy counting such cultural notables as top gourd Billy Corgan; King Gross-out Marilyn Manson and his equally unpretty sidekick, Twiggy Ramirez; and ultra-in-demand computer guy Chris Vrenna (late of the Smashing Pumpkins and current Axl Rose collaborator) as potential members.

Well, we can now confirm, courtesy of our vast network of covert operators, that Fairy will never move beyond the drawing board thanks to Billy C. and a certain grudge. Seems His Baldness was all gung-ho on the project, going so far as to talk some serious shop over the band-to-be with King Manson, before Vrenna let Billy know that he would no longer be working with the Smashing Pumpkins so that he might dedicate himself solely to Guns N' Roses and his own project called Tweaker.

Unhappy about having been dumped for Axl, Corgan called Fairy off before it ever flew anywhere leaving us to wonder "What if?" forever.

As per Vrenna's involvement with the Slashless G N' R, we can tell you that he was in Los Angeles last week working with Axl on some drum and programming stuff, furthering Slash's assertion that there's gonna be nothing hard rock about the next Guns record (to quote Mr. Top Hat himself: "I'll go back to that band when they start playing rock music again"). Traditionally a journeyman, Vrenna is actually expected to ink on as a full-fledged Gun sometime in the coming weeks, though his contract will allow him an untethered chain for side projects aplenty.

Vrenna's first post-Pumpkins affair, the two-man Tweaker, made its live debut last week at New York's too-cool-for-you-fool club called Anchorage, located smack dab under the Brooklyn Bridge. Though sans vocals at that date, Vrenna's believed to be wooing some golden throats to hop on board for an album he hopes to squeeze in before the G N' R stuff gets too heavy.

Finally, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Pumpkins drummer interim Matt Walker, still peripherally associated with Filter, has finally jumped in for keeps. Calls to super-powerful publicity folks would seem to confirm this, which is to say those folks had no comment at this time.

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falling within
word has it that the new nin album is under the working title of 'falling within'. it will contain 13 tracks as well as a data partition. more news as and when i get it.
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halo 11 import
the australian release of halo eleven was today, and it includes the album version of the track along with the rest of the tracks found on the american version. also, the track listing is unknown at the time but you can order the japanese version here. thanks ross and doug.
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american mcgee will be doing sound effect for quake 2, as he recently revealed his arsenal: Awe64 Gold
Capybara/Kyma system from Symbolic Sound (www.symbolicsound.com)
K2VX synth/sampler
Cool Edit
Sound Forge
Sony portable MD recorder to get sounds with A whole library of stock sounds that consists of about 100 CDs. I try to build most of my sounds from scratch... but I use the CDs whenever I need background or stuff that I can't recreate (which is damn little :)
also, cyber age studios will be doing the music.
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next manson vid
the next manson video is supposedely going to be for "tied up dried up dead to the world".
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mm website
i've had some confused emails lately. www.marilyn-manson.com is not the official manson website. furthermore, it's hosted alongside "trent reznor's personal homepage", which is a well-known fake. not to mention that there now seems to be "brian warner's personal homepage", also a fake.
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best 100
the best 100 hard rock cds ever list appeared in this months issue of hit parader. halo 8 placed 60, while manson placed 36 with smells like children and 5 with superstar. there is also a 2 page interview with manson.
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japanese superstar
there is a japanese version of antichrist superstar out now, with 'down in the park' as a bonus track.
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on july 1, m2 played 1 hour of nothing/interscope videos, including nin and marilyn manson.
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other website news
www.theweathermen.com has ripped off the official nothing records homepage look at the bottom of their screen. cute. speaking of infringement, www.nineinchnails.net's mp3 archive is being shut down due to legal reasons (surprise there). thanks jason and aard.
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here is some info i got sent about the spawn soundtrack contents: Marilyn Manson with the Sneaker Pimps
Korn with the Dust Brothers
Filter with Crystal Method
Henry Rollins with Goldie
Slayer with Atari Teenage Riot.
Soul Coughing with 808 State

White Zombie, The Orb, Tool and Prodigy are being considered as well, while there are have been several unconfirmed rumors that Rage Against the Machine and Tricky will be on the album.

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july's pulse magazine has a blurb of nin and manson in the following review: "Before there was MARILYN MANSON there was W.A.S.P., a flashy, theatrical group whose frontman Blackie Lawless gained notoriety by throwing raw meat into the crowd............. The band's new album Killfuckdie is as ugly and gruesome as a spattering artery, haunting industrial-embellished melodies...... There's even a tongue-in-cheek stab at NINE INCH NAILS on the title track: 'No you won't take it! No you can't take the pain from me.'"
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