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| 01 november 1997 |
bruce over at weathermen was kind enough to forward me these color scans of the press sheets for the 'closure' video. again, it is an official double-video due out november 25 1997. enjoy. click on the images to the right, or use these links:

press sheet 1, 870k
press sheet 2, 143k

kudos to the person who can identify the new font they're using there..
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dead to the world
bruce over at weathermen was kind enough to forward me these color scans of the press sheets for the 'dead to the world' video set. enjoy. click on the images, or use these links:

press sheet 1, 367k
press sheet 2, 275k

i also received this note from bruce at weathermen: Just got a call from Interscope records/Nothing Southwest field rep. The New Marilyn Manson video "Dead to the World" and the new Marilyn Manson Cd "remix and repent" have been postponed "indefinetely". The reason given was some kind of dispute between Nothing and Interscope.

If you see this item being advertised elsewhere as being currently available, or available with the original release date, We would strongly recommmend you investigate it before ordering or you may have a false perception of when you will receive your goods.

We will still be taking pre-orders on the items and you will have your item(s) on your doorstep the day it is publicly released.

Weathermen records


Got a call at 6:00 p.m. New York time from Interscope Records. The Marilyn Manson cd "remix and repent" Is going to come out on November 18, 1997 as planned. The video "Dead to the world" is still on hold because they are going to add more things to the video to make it "more bang for the buck" so to speak. We will keep you updated as the news develops.

Weathermen Records

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mtv top 10
'closer' made #5 on mtv's top 10 scariest videos of all time (beaten out by hanson at #4 with 'mmmbop'). manson snagged #1 with sweet dreams.
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in nov 3 issue of time magazine, p 114, there is a short article on the movie 'sick: the life and death of bob flanagan'. it praises the film and his struggles in life.
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bowie in gq
in the latest gq magazine there is a david bowie cd enclosed, titled 'earthling in the city': 1. little wonder - live
2. seven years in tibet - edit
3. palace athena - live
4. hearts filty lesson - live
5. telling lies - remix by a guy called gerald
6. seven years in tibet - mandarin version
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vh1 awards
the plug remix of 'the perfect drug' was played during the vh1 1997 fashion awards. in addition to that, all their segments before nominee presentations had the imagery of the perfect drug video. also, on fashion television they had an interview with annie ok, one of the models in the video, and showed a brief clip of the video (about the most you'll ever see on vh1). she was the woman who had the "absinthe on a platter" so to speak.
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americans again
i've made a high quality realvideo file of "i'm afraid of americans". it has almost as good quality as the 28MB avi, but is a 3MB realvideo file. click here or shift-click here.
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ap dec 1997
from december 1997 alternative press: From page l3:

In The Studio

Marilyn Manson are in Los Angeles recording their next album for Nothing/Interscope.

From page 36:

Too HOT To Handle

article about notable fighters (also includes The Sex Pistols, MC5 and The Clash)

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor took an extended hiatus from recording after l989's Pretty Hate Machine became a hit, claiming that TVT Records had behaved in bad faith. He finally returned to action three years after the album's release--on his own label, the Interscope- distributed Nothing Records. A TVT logo remained, but NIN had won the game.

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