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closure // availability
it seems to be everywhere now. it was banned in canada for a time, but they appealed to a movie ratings board, and so now it apparentely carries and extra sticker and may have less distribution (but people are picking it up at hmv from reports). it's out there though. no work on a uk release. later i'll post a copy of the article in billboard magazine regarding distribution problems for all who's interested. it is labelled halo twelve. people have also written in wondering why 'burn' is not on the video, .. this is most likely that you can get an uncut version of that on the two tape director's cut video of natural born killers. the live video of 'wish' (off the tape with all the other videos on it) has been airing on mtv. thanks to the 200 people who wrote in.
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manson speaks out
from mtv news: Manson Rebuts Congressional Inquiry With Shakespeare

As we reported back in October, a congressional hearing was being called to investigate the "social impact of music lyrics [sic] violence on today's youth," after a teen's suicide last December in Montana. Fifteen-year-old Richard Kuntz shot himself while reportedly listening to Marilyn Manson.

The boy's father, Ray Kuntz, testified during the first week of November in Washington before the committee. Kuntz talked about his son showing him the Manson CD, "I failed to recognize that my son was holding a hand grenade, and the grenade was live, and it went off in his head."

Manson told MTV his thoughts regarding the tragedy: "Obviously it upset me that someone [would think] I would encourage that type of behavior. I've always said that people [who] would harm themselves or others over music or film or books, [they're] just being ignorant. If people want to be ignorant there's nothing you could do about it."

Manson also had some thoughts for concerned parents: "It's a wake-up call for parents to teach their kids to be more intelligent [ways], to interpret art with some sort of intelligence."

"If you want to blame music for someone hurting themselves, then you can just as easily blame Shakespeare writing "Romeo & Juliet" which is something I was taught when I was a kid, and that's a story about two teenagers that killed themselves because their parents don't understand them and I think the key lesson is that parents don't understand their kids. If you take more time to talk to your kids, your kids are going to live happier lives." also was posted news of a new album: Marilyn Manson Discusses New Concept For Next Album

If you enjoyed the goth-rock concept album approach that Marilyn Manson employed on "Antichrist Superstar," you'll be thrilled to hear that he has another epic tale in the work for his next album.

"If 'Antichrist Superstar' was sort of my comparative fall from grace, Lucifer being kicked from heaven, this next record is about what happens on Earth now," Manson recently explained to MTV News. "(It's about) sort of trying to fit into a society that thinks it's full of emotions and that you're a callous person, when in fact you're the one that actually has all these feelings and it's the world that's kind of numb to them. It's almost the antithesis of what I just did."

That Manson album will feature at least a bit of the production talents of the Dust Brothers, who you can catch up with elsewhere in today's MTV News Online headlines (see Manson, Weiland, Wyclef, Beck Line Up For Dust Brothers.)

Manson discussed his next album, and a number of other timely topics when he sat down for an interview for MTV's "Year In Rock" special, which will premiere Friday, December 12 at 7:30 p.m.

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marilyn manson has a cover story in this month's raygun magazine.
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trent appears in pantera's "3" video.
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remix and repent
i dont know if i've mentioned this already, but manson's remix cd is out in stores. a track listing: 1. The Horrible People (5:12) 2. The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix (4:09) 3. Dried Up, Tied Up, and Dead to the World [Live in Utaca, NY] (4:18) 4. Antichrist Superstar [Live in Hartford, CT] (5:16) 5. Man That You Fear [Acoustic Requiem for Antichrist Superstar] (5:13)
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alternative press
trent is on the cover of alternative press. you can read the full text of the interview here. some select excerpts: * The new album will be out when it's done, he says. His tone of voice suggests that further attempts to pin him down are not welcome. For now, he's calling it "The Fragile." He's hoping for a February release.

* The new album will be out when it's done, he says. His tone of voice suggests that further attempts to pin him down are not welcome. For now, he's calling it "The Fragile." He's hoping for a February release.

"I think I've done some of my best shit ever, ever, ever," Reznor says calmly. "And it will be irritating to people 'cause it's not traditional Nine Inch Nails." He's reluctant to say more than that. And he isn't popping in a cassette of demos today. "Think of the most ridiculous music you could ever imagine...with nursery rhymes over the top of it.," Reznor says. He alludes to having "80 pieces of music hanging around" but doesn't elaborate. "The inspiration for this album has been the things...that give the goosebumps, the chills up the spine," he adds, knowing that description doesn't help much either. "It's probably the opposite of 'The Downward Spiral.' A bunch of"--he pauses, not entirely comfortable with describing himself--"pop songs."

* On Bowie: He knows that his association with Bowie is dubious to some of his fans. When Nine Inch Nails toured with David Bowie in 1995, Reznor was accused of letting his image be co-opted by a has-been. But it was farsighted of Reznor to align Nine Inch Nails with a legend, further distancing himself from the cliche that industrial rock had become. Even better, Reznor got to observe the master changeling from backstage every night.

"I got a lot of shit from doing a tour with him. The thing is, Bowie mattered to me. He reinvented himself so many times--it must have been a daring staement to do that, risking failure. And hanging out with him and seeing him like that--he's my dad's age, born in the same month--when you find someone who's been through a really dark period, which most of his music I care about is from, "Low," "Lodger," "Heroes" era.... But he came out of it and made something that mattered."

* He said it was good to be in Manhattan for the "I'm Afraid of Americans" video shoot; he's debating getting a place there. But for now, New Orleans is his home.

* On the departure of longtime associates, including Chris Vrenna: "I gave up the notion that Nine Inch Nails was a collaborative project. And recently, with the departure of some friends and the inspiration of the new music, I feel good about it."

* On Courtney Love: When asked by his publicist if he's seen her on the cover of US magazine, Trent raises his voice. "What the fuck was that?!" he demands. A brief off-the-record discussion about Courtney Love and her new California look ensues. Reznor insists that whatever Poppy Z. Brite wrote about him in her Courtney bio is "1000 percent untrue." The publicist says she just thinks it's sad and takes her leave.

* On his sanctum sanctorum: Reznor rises to give a quick tour of the house. The interior is pretty much what one would expect of an industrial rock millionaire bachelor with a taste for self destruction. A bust of Mephistopheles stands in the foyer; Reznor's Grammy hangs on a ribbon around its neck. A chandelier has goldfish swimming in its base.

How many rooms? "Good question," Reznor replies. At the top of the stairs is a useless nook that is bathed in sunlight. "Here's where the harpsicord will go," he says. His bedroom is dark and imposing, dominated by a medieval-looking four-poster bed. The windows are hung with thick velvet drapes, blocking out the afternoon sun. The woman in his bed waves sheepishly. He saunters through an empty little space off the bedroom. "This will be the baby room," he says. Wait. Is he serious? But he's off and standing at the entrance to the bathroom. "Okay. This is decadent, I realize," he says." But we had to put in a whole new bathroom, so why not?" He opens the door. There is a jacuzzi. And there is also a shower. It is without question the best shower in Louisiana. Reznor opens the glass door and turns a faucet, and a torrent is released. The shower head is the size of a Frisbee. There are side jets. It's a great shower. many

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info on rob halford's project: Rob Halford Resurfacing

Rob Halford will soon be resurfacing. Early next year, expect a debut album called "Voyeurs" by his new band, Two. The former Judas Priest front screamer will be making a rare live appearance December 20 at the Mason Jar in his adopted home base of Phoenix, Arizona. The club performance is a benefit for a local child crisis center.

"Voyeurs" is scheduled for release on Trent Reznor's nothing label in February according to a Halford employee. It was recorded earlier this year in Vancouver by producer Bob Marlette and mostly mixed in that same city by regular Reznor console cohort, Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie. Reznor, who oversaw the production from his home in New Orleans, will be credited as Executive Producer. The majority of the song credits go to Halford, Marlette and Two guitarist, John Lowery. James Wooley is credited with programming and keyboards, Sid Riggs played drums.

Halford left Judas Priest in the early 1990s and he's been trying to distance himself from his old mates ever since. He initially fronted Fight, then started up a version of his current band, originally called 'Gimp.' That band played just a couple of shows almost two years ago before heading into the studio. They were just recently renamed Two.

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mtv closure // new album info
from mtv news: Nine Inch Nails Releases "Closure"

Nine Inch Nails finally gets some closure. As we reported earlier, the band's home video was somewhat delayed due to distribution snags. That all seems to be ironed out now. Fans can now take the two tape set,"Closure" home. Frontman Trent Reznor regards this the end of an era.

Part One of "Closure" features concert excerpts from the '94 to '96 "downward spiral," "self destruct," and "further down the spiral" tours, with clips of Reznor on the tour bus and cavorting with Jim Reed, Filter, and Lou Reed. The performance line-up is as follows:

"terrible lie"
"down in it"
"march of the pigs"
"the only time"
"hurt" with David Bowie (live)
"eraser" (live)
"a warm place"
"something i can never have"

Part Two features twelve director cut versions of Nine Inch Nails videos, compiled by video director Peter Christopherson:

"head like a hole" directed by H-gun/Eric Zimmerman and Ben Stokes
"sin" directed by Brett Turnball
"down in it" directed by H-Gun/Eric Zimmerman and Ben Stokes
"pinion" directed by Eric and Serge
"wish" directed peter Christopherson
"help me i'm in hell" directed by Eric and Serge
"happiness in slavery" directed by Jonathan Reiss
"gave up" directed by Jonathan Reiss
"march of pigs" by Peter Chistopherson
"eraser" (live)
"wish" (live)
"the perfect drug" directed by Mark Romanek

Trent Reznor is also currently in the studio working on Nine Inch Nails' new album, tentatively titled "The Fragile." looks like mtv forgot to list "hurt (live)" and "closer".

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time to stop the rumors that this site has been abandoned. i've been slammed with real life type things lately, and seriously have not had the time to update. if it was abandoned, i would announce such plans. i will be updating early tomorrow definitely. please stop mailing in about closure availability in canada.. i believe they have everything hashed out now :). full updates tomorrow (today). to everyone who wrote in, thanks for your concern.
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