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NIN fans are crazy (that includes us): In 2006, Band Madness launched, we were invited to link to the site to encourage voting from our viewers. What ensued was kind of insane:

When we started this tournament, we got a number of messages along the lines of "what's the point, the Beatles are going to win?" While I wasn't convinced of this, I figured that The Beatles, along with Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and perhaps Nirvana and Radiohead were the only ones with an actual shot at winning, but argued that the winner didn't matter, the large tournament format was just for fun.

Instead, we're careening towards Nine Inch Nails, a band we never thought would go all the way, winning the finals in a landslide. In a way, it's a complete shock, and it's exciting, especially as a retort to those who thought the Beatles winning was inevitable and there was no point to the voting. In another way, though, once The NIN Hotline showed up and supplied us with more traffic than Collegehumor and Stereogum, it became clear that they were going to be completely unbeatable, and the last four rounds have been more or less completely pointless.

Emphasis mine. Nine Inch Nails was left out of the 2007 edition of Band Madness, and that's completely understandable. We've since concentrated the fanbase in similar band vs band competitions on various US radio stations in 2007, bringing NIN to #1 at WXPN in Philadelphia, Q101 in Chicago, and a couple other places I don't really recall.

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