Telefon Tel Aviv is currently featured on a track from the "Phil Ranelin: Remixes" full-length out on Hefty Records.   TTA is known to Nail
 Inch Nails fans for their collaborative work with Danny Lohner of NIN on three remixes, which appeared on the NIN remix EP, Things
 Falling Apart (Nothing, 2000).  Alongside TTA's remixes are tracks from El-P (Def Jux, Company Flow), Prefuse 73 (Warp Records),
 Jan Jelinek (—Scape), Kirk Degiorgio (Ubiquity, Mo' Wax), and many others.  Phil Ranelin was the co-founder of Detroit's Tribe
 Records and released two classic experimental jazz albums in the mid-70's.  Hefty reissued both albums in 2001.

 Telefon Tel Aviv is also featured in the February issue of Keyboard Magazine in support of their full-length, "Fahrenheit Fair Enough".
  You can find them in the "Spotlight" section (pg. 56).  Among other things they discuss their production techniques and home studio

 Both "Fahrenheit Fair Enough" and "Phil Ranelin: Remixes" are available at Hefty Records:

(Apart from this press release we've also heard there may be future work again with NIN's Danny Lohner. Stay tuned!)