One thing that can be said about Trent Reznor, besides the fact the he often smells like old barbecue sauce, is that he tends to attract an exceptionally high number of "interesting" fans. There are probably more people out there who think they share a personal psychic bond with Trent than there are names in my phone book. And I mean the bigass tri-county yellow book, not that crappy little red one they send out sometimes. As it turns out, quite a few of these "interesting" fans would appear to be artistically inclined, which is to say they like to make statues of Trent Reznor and/or Jerome Dillon out of pork rinds and electrical tape and then do horrible things with them. Some of these folks have even taken time out of their busy schedules of masturbating with Elmer's Glue bottles to send me photographs of their creations over the years, and I thought it might be convenient to keep them all here in one handy dandy little section. Then again, I think lots of things, and I also drink a lot.

Paper Bag Puppets

On September 14, 2000, I apparently wrote instructions for making a Trent Reznor paper bag puppet. Whatever. Anyway, people ended up actually making these filthy things, and sent me pictures of them. Here are the ones that don't include fat hairy naked guys:

Other Disturbances

Another "perk" of running this godforsaken website is that people also send me pictures of their other NIN-related "art" projects, plunging me headfirst into previously unheard-of depths of creeped-out-ness. Here, let me share a few of them with you! :)

Hey! If you're totally off your rocker, fancy yourself an artist, and have some photos of your highly disturbing NIN creations, please don't hesistate to send them along this way. I promise I probably won't call the police.

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