December 24, 2001
Meathead Theatre: The Departure Of Charles Clouser

As most of you know by now, keyboardist/programmer Charlie Clouser has left Nine Inch Nails. However, because people have nothing better to do, there seems to be some controversy over whether he left voluntarily or was fired. Some of these people have turned to me, Meathead, fountain of Nine Inch Nails information, for help in this dark time of need.

Therefore, I have put my wondrous inability to use Macromedia Flash to use, and carefully re-enacted the series of events that led to Charlie's departure from the band. I hope you all enjoy this presentation, but if you don't, then make your own goddamn webpage, assholes. Happy holidays!

Click Here To See The Presentation!
(You need the Flash plug-in for this. All the cool people have the Flash plug-in.)

Please keep in mind that it may take a few minutes to load, and the progress bar on the load page doesn't work worth a shit.

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