June 28, 2002
Meathead Theatre: Trent Reznor Meets Robin Williams

If you've found yourself at the OFFICIAL NINE INCH NAILS WEB SITE lately, you may have noticed a new picture in the "Current" section, showing Trent Reznor, Robin Williams and John Carmack at the E3 Electronics Show earlier this year. Here's the god damned picture, in case you don't believe me (I don't know why you wouldn't).

Now there's been a lot of speculation going on as to what business Robin Williams could possibly have hanging around Trent Reznor. He can't be involved with Tapeworm, since Tapeworm is just a big lie. And it's pretty unlikely that he contributed anything to Doom III. While I can't answer this question (I know what the answer is, but I just don't want to tell you because I think you're stupid), I can show you a half-assed Flash animation based on this bizarre incident. Trust me, this hurts me much more than it hurts you.

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