October 29, 2002
Pure Unbridled Horror

I'd just like to preface this Meathead Perspective by stating that I've seen some pretty screwed-up stuff in my day. One-legged chickens, naked people running around on fire, Satan-worshipping Mennonites -- you name it, I've probably seen it. But no matter what bizarre, ungodly spectacles I've encountered in real life, I always manage to find something on the Internet that absolutely dwarfs it in pure wrongness.

Today I'm going to demonstrate to you one excellent example of this. Earlier this evening, I received an email from my close personal friend Mark. Little did I know that this email would contain something so fucked up and stupefying, there are no words in any language that could possibly come close to describing it. Believe me, I tried, but all I could get out was "ooeehhhhheeooeueueh." Once I laid eyes on this chunk of insanity, I knew that I must share it with the rest of you, because I am a very evil person.

Even with Halloween coming up, and lots of scary movies on TV, some readers still may be unprepared for this. My mind is still reeling, hours afterward, and I honestly don't know if I'll ever fully recover. I truly believe now I can say I've seen it all. Even though I don't like kids, please, if there are any young children in the room, send them away before clicking on the link below.

Oh, and have a safe Halloween.

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