March 8, 2003

According to my Interweb statistics, this page got about 2,000 hits on Friday. That's not too shabby. Unfortunately, I've yet to receive a single submission for the paper puppet pseudo-contest. Now I'm sure you're all still working very hard on them, trying to get them just right. That's understandable. I know you can't rush great art.

However, I have received something that I feel demands to be shared with all of you. While this isn't technically a puppet, it is probably one of the most intense, beautiful works of art I've ever seen. Behold:

"I Want A New NIN Album" by Mondweib

This appears to be the Antichrist here on the left, shaking hands with T. Diddy (center) who seems to have a traffic cone stuffed down his pants. On the right we see Maynard, who is apparently jealous. Maynard's lack of a shirt certainly increases the level of realism. And the bleeding heart obviously signifies... blood or something. Incredible.

The pure, raw emotion emanating from this piece brings tears to my eyes. It easily ranks up there with Picasso's Guernica. It really makes me identify with the artist's deep yearning for a new Nine Inch Nails album. I honestly don't know how anyone could look upon this work of art and walk away unaffected. This just underscores our universal need for new NIN material. Please, Trent, if you're reading this, don't deny Mondweib's desires. Also, if you're reading this, I have some poetry I really want you to check out. It'll only take a minute and I'm sure you'd really like it.

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