October 13, 2003
The Future, Meathead?

I fondly recall New Year's Day, 2003. That was a happier, innocent time. I remember naively thinking, "This surely will be an exciting year for us Nine Inch Nails fans, what with a new album, a tour, and possibly even Tapeworm!" Back then, I was blissfully oblivious to the fact that, over ten months down the road, I would still be forced to pull Meathead Perspective ideas out of thin air, with absolutely nothing whatsoever to go on. Those were the days.

Perhaps there will come a time, far, far into the distant future, when there will be actual things to write about. Wouldn't that be something! Just imagine. A new Nine Inch Nails record! Trent Reznor on magazine covers! News items on the NIN Hotline that people actually care about! On the morning of the record's release, we'll all hop into our Rocket-Cars and blast off to the record store on the moon, and say "I'd like one copy of the latest Trent Reznor masterpiece, please!" Gosh, that'll be the day! And let us not forget Tapeworm! I reckon that'll be some swell music to be listening to as we stroll through town in our shiny electric robot suits!

This brings me to today's fantastic topic. I know a lot of you folks out there are artistically inclined, so let's put your talents to use! What do you think the world will be like when the new Nine Inch Nails record is released? Where will you be? Who will be the President then? Use your imagination! Get out those pencils and draw your vision of the future. And please, take your time. There's no rush. Trent Reznor adheres to no deadlines, and neither does this contest. Whenever I feel I've received enough submissions, they will be posted on this web-site for the entire world to see. When you're finished, send in your fabulous works of art to: meathead at d8i dot com.

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