December 16, 2003

In case you didn't know, I'm a big important Internet celebrity with all kinds of powerful connections. If you weren't aware of this before, you should be now, because one of my top-secret inside sources, who uses the code name "Alex Daly", sent along an exclusive scan of the cover art for the new Nine Inch Nails record, BLEEDTHROUGH. Boo-yah.

I love it, don't you? This artwork is leaps and bounds beyond anything that hack David Carson could have dreamed up. My fears that this album was going to totally suck ass have finally been put to rest, for nothing with a cover this great could possibly be anything less than a masterpiece.

Oh yeah, while we're on the subject of people sending in stuff, I guess maybe I should go ahead and mention that I scrapped that whole "future" idea (see bottom of this page) quite a while ago. I did this for two main reasons. One is that the release of a new NIN record has now been upgraded from a laughable abstract concept to a remote possibility. Seeing as how we now have an actual title to refer to instead of "the new album" (although some would argue that "the new album" sounds better), and hints that may actually become interesting one of these days, it just doesn't seem so likely that the world will be that much different when BLEEDTHROUGH comes out, after all.

But the primary reason I ditched this idea was so I could feel like Trent Reznor. No, just kidding (LOL!!!!!), that's what my Porsche is for. Now, please keep in mind that the last thing I would ever want to do is insult my readers, so I mean what I'm about to say in the nicest possible way. The honest-to-goodness, real reason is because the submissions that I received sucked. I mean, they were fucking bad. Not "funny" bad, just plain old bad. So bad that absolutely no humor whatsoever could possibly be squeezed out of them, and that even glancing at them through my peripheral vision caused sharp stabbing pains in my stomach. However, I accept partial responsibility for this, since the original concept wasn't exactly stellar to begin with. So let's just pretend that this little debacle never happened.

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