March 8, 2004
Tapeworm NOW

Hey everybody! In an attempt to build up my collection of cease and desist letters from Nothing Records, I've created a brand new addition to the Meathead Perspective Store, entitled Tapeworm NOW. We at THE NIN HOTLINE have received a number of suggestions from readers about ways to try to get Tapeworm released within our lifetimes, and henceforth I have started the Tapeworm NOW campaign. Its main purpose is to increase awareness of the frustrating absence of Tapeworm from our CD players and mp3 playlists. Sure, it probably won't make any difference in the long run since everything I ever do in life is doomed to humiliating failure, but hey, you still get to buy crap with this on it:

Also, those of you with a totally anal-retentive memory of NIN release dates are certainly aware that today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of The Downward Spiral, commonly known as the NIN album that doesn't suck (just kidding!). Crashing onto store shelves and into our hearts on March 8, 1994, this record redefined the concept of industrial disco and made "I want to fuck you like an animal" a household phrase. Happy Birthday, The Downward Spiral!

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