September 13, 2004
Salasso Through!

Hello friends! How you are this evening? I appreciate the hats! Task that all would have to be forced legal in order to carry the hats, but only the hats I appreciate. He would be amusing if people had to carry sombreros the large greens all the time that, because sombreros the greens are amusing, particularly when is large. Which thing if that type Trent Resnoner carried a hat? Not that it is wonderful? If all in wrap carried a hat, I would be much happy all the week. The new album would feel the odore more best. Task that today communicates entire approximately the hats and how much large one is. One that or I spoke about the frozen verdure, but why I would speak about something like that one? I appreciate only the verdure when they are not frozen. Which bonds are to the contrary? It obtains real. Moreover I appreciate several the kinds of fruit, like oranges. Who does not appreciate oranges? you they appreciate one? Well, I do not have any is some. Spiacente. Which thing if the oranges carried the hats? That one would not be hilarious? I introduce that. I have not never seen a wood orange before, but I would appreciate to some day. Preferably a moment soon the next month, because then I have an opening in my program. As soon as joking! I do not believe in programs, as well as as I do not believe in German shepherds. Anyone never really has seen one German shepherd? I mean beyond in those a movie with Bruce Willis and the robots. At least task that has been robot. One of they has had a tattoo, that it is amusing because nobody never sees a robot with a tattoo. I have laughed with the entire movie because of how much silly that the concept is.

Later on, I have obtained the blow in the parking lot. That one was not like amusing, but still was little amusing. It is not taken care, are survivor and I have had a diet Pepsi-strains more subsequently. Not that I enjoy personally the diet Pepsi-strains. Task that a sapore has horrible and render I desire for the dead women. But that one is all that they have had, except a sure other stuff, but I was then high on morphine and I have not known at all in order to improve. How many hands are even forgotten to me have (two). You have known that the ink is made of spirit of the walrus? I have read that on a stick of the popsicle once. The sick one has rendered me because the ink on the stick of the popsicle probably moreover has been made of spirit of the walrus and has been impregnated in the popsicle. I was not much happy one to such purpose. I have tried to record a cause, but I was dreamming then and the lawyers were squids that were a lot adept to play the hacky-bag. The real lawyers are not like that one, at least not those that he has seen. You would not be consistent? I have had a past night of dream bizzarra, but not if I trust them enough for dirvi that what was approximately. But sure he was bizzarro! To really they are forgotten me that what was, but they did not say to you however. I do not mean to be rude, but felt the odore of like the lemons and I we do not say to my dreams of popular who the odore appreciate the yellow things. Nothing against the yellow things, because the Beatles has written approximately the yellow things and has some good songs. Like that one approximately the blue submarine. I bet that they have used drugs occasionally. I bet that moreover they have eaten to times the bistick, even if have not been allowed to Gradisco all the kinds of meat, except the decomposition kind. Those upsets my stomach. Therefore make the comedies romantici. I have not had coffee within beyond 12 days. Possibly finch? four years, but I tasks that I have been more recent than that one. When I eat the strisce fried of the potato, I prefer to put the ketchup from the side rather than directly on potatoes. Otherwise, they obtain all soaks to you. They could not obtain soaked if I eat them a lot quickly, but I appreciate to be necessary my time while I eat to them. I hope that you understand. Hey, than what if the potatoes carried the hats? Probably still I would eat them, but jet via the hat. I do not eat the hats. That one is because I have not never tried. Perhaps if you tried, I would enjoy to eat the hats. But task that us could be a law against of it. I do not wish to obtain from the defective side of the law, so as to I will abstain myself give trying to I eat the hats.

They are felt to me that they have made the square water-melons in Japan. I wish that they would make that here, but rather than the water-melons, could use the kittens. The kittens squared a lot interesting and thought would be provocazione. Finch? is still cute, that one is. I cannot speak many languages, but I can write within many fonts different to machine. The fonts of characters sans serif are easier however. I am going to begin to carry more often the dressed ones, beginning in five minutes. Or longer, according to as the events explain. I appreciate the songs that contain the words "floppy disk", even if can only think to one at the moment. More songs would have to contain the references to the floppy disks. I wish that I was in a position in order to make the laws that these vital edition kinds belong. Nearly they have gone once in France. I appreciate to times the fish, but only when it is warm. I have tried to fish a fish with my hands when I was young and I have received many small cuts. The fish have obtained via and probably they have not appreciate it after that one. They have gone center and I have eaten the sticks of the fish from dispetto, hoping that they were in some way relative you (I have more subsequently uncovered that they were not). This is apparently a Web site of NIN so as to I would have to communicate more to such purpose. Use the paper napkins in essete the really supposed microwave all the time even if to Cannot interfere with the fire. But then there are those special paper napkins that are supposed for being sure for the microwave, but still have a warning in order not to use it in the microwave. That one confuses it and the cry. renders me Moreover cry when task to Twinkies, but I do not know why that one is still. Not as soon as I discover, conference of email of will and them I ask five dollars. Seriously, they are starved. Or at least I will be in some hours. That one would have to be interesting. Banana in a raincoat. They are allergic to inverdire the moquette. Here is one joke amusing for you! Which thing is in round, polishes, has a hole in the half and it does not exist? I to you will more subsequently say that the answer, but probably not. Slabs of the rubber piuma!

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