December 3, 2007
In Your Face, Martin Scorcese

I assume there are some of you who are, for whatever reasons, familiar with my horribly misguided attempts at making Flash cartoons. I put a disproportionately large amount of time into putting them together, and I think it shows. However, not too long ago, I made a couple of extremely stupid animations for another website that's tenuously associated with Nine Inch Nails. These were different from my usual cartoons in that they actually look more like real movies (in a fake kind of way), using the sort-of-popular game The Movies. This doesn't make the quality of the content any better, but at least at first glance it kind of looks like it wasn't made by someone who is mentally retarded.

Anyway, a while later, one of those moron NIN fans (note: I'm not saying all NIN fans are morons, just the ones who read this site) complained to me that I was making these kick-ass-looking cartoons for these other guys and not for Nine Inch Nails. Nevermind the fact that the crappier-looking Flash cartoons take longer to make, and are only limited by my idiotic imagination and lack of talent, whereas The Movies is limited all that and much more. To those of you who miss the old style of cartoons and want to stab me in the face for making this shit: Don't worry! This won't become a regular thing, but I figured I'd just make one for the NIN crowd in the same vein as the ones I made for that other website. To those of you who want to stab me in the face for other reasons: Sorry.

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