November 10, 1999
Are You Ready To Rock??!!

Many people have listened to Nine Inch Nails on CD, tape, vinyl and 8-track, but did you know that occasionally Trent and the band pack up their equipment and travel around the world, stopping at different places to play their music in front of audiences? It's true! As a matter of fact, right now the gang is in Europe preparing to kick off a new tour for that totally rad new album, The Fragile. In this week's edition of the Perspective, we'll take a look into what we might expect to see at these live performances.

The picture to the left is Trent Reznor performing in front of the ungrateful MTV audience at the 1999 Video Music Awards. Although most people were sitting down and barely moving during this performance, at real NIN shows it's usually a very different story.

As shown by the professional-looking bar graph above, the fans at a NIN show have a slight tendency to be marginally more violent than those of other bands. Therefore, it might be wise of you to prepare for such circumstances by taking certain precautions, such as wearing steel-toed boots, emptying your pockets, and not sporting a Limp Bizkit t-shirt.

The above is a piece-o-crap drawing illustrating the basic layout of the upcoming NIN shows. Trent takes his place front and center, with guitarists Danny and Robin on either side. Keyboardist Charlie and Drummer Jerome do their own respective things in the back. Standing in front of the stage looking mean and menacing are the EVENT STAFF people, who are not really humans, but cyborgs created with the ability to sniff out any potential crowd surfers/assassins within 30 yards, and terminate them.
The audience consists of people just like you and me, although people like me are generally stuck all the way in the back, getting nosebleeds, thanks to EVENT STAFF.

Jerome, "the new guy"

For those who have been living in caves for the past few years, Nine Inch Nails no longer have Chris Vrenna as their drummer. The reasons for his departure are somewhat unclear. Since then, Jerome Dillon has been enlisted the new touring drummer for Nine Inch Nails. As a Chosen Warrior, his identity is a mystery to all. It's believed that he is the survivor of an attack by Shao Kahn's extermination squads. As a result, he is viciously scarred and kept alive only by artifical respirators and a rage for ending Shao Kahn's conquest.
The rest of the current band line-up should be familiar to most fans; Charlie Clouser, Robin Finck, Danny Lohner and Trent whats-his-face are all back to their old hijinks.

So, what can we not expect to see on the tour?

There will be lots of neat-o things included to keep us interested during the new NIN tour. Here's a handy-dandy checklist of some things that won't be included.
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott
"My Friends Went To See Nine Inch Nails
And All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt" t-shirts
Marilyn Manson

("artists", if you will)
Do you like drawing weird and/or stupid stuff? How'd you like to draw some weird and/or stupid stuff for the Special Thanksgiving edition of The Meathead Perspective? You know you want to. Get out your art supplies, draw some pictures involving NIN in a Thanksgiving setting (or vice versa), and send them to:
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Please try to keep the file size relatively small, preferably in jpg or gif format. For the love of God, do NOT send bitmaps! They will be automatically disqualified, because I hate bitmaps, as they take up ridiculous amounts of disk space. The pictures I like the most will be featured on the Thanksgiving Meathead Perspective on November 24, 1999. La-de-frickin'-da.

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