November 24, 1999
Obligatory Thanksgiving Special

Note: Due to the Phone Nazis at Bell Atlantic, I was nearly unable to bring this edition of the Perspective online and on time. Therefore, I'm thankful for having access to other computers with internet access.
Fuck you Bell Atlantic! Amen.

It's that time again... time for Americans to stuff their faces with dead turkeys and mashed potatoes and start putting up their Christmas decorations. In celebration of this spirit, the Meathead Perspective is proud to present a collection of artwork contributed by other weirdos. Come, let us join hands and... nevermind.

Does Trent have access to turkey in Europe? Who knows? The carefully-drawn diagram shown above offers several suggestions for alternative dining ideas.

This drawing actually ties in with last week's edition of the Perspective (see "What's The Deal With Leo?"), in that it reveal's Leo Herrera's dark side.

This is actually a shot from the original edit of the video for We're In This Together, which was later edited to be more "P.C." Apparently the idea for a video with a Thanksgiving theme didn't set too well the next morning. However, there's always Pilgrimage.

...get it? "Pilgrim"age? HA! ha.

Trent and the cooked carcass of Big Bird sharing a Kodak moment...

Be thankful for one less muppet.

A common question these days is, "If there was some kind of weird, fucked-up time warp that allowed the Pilgrims to listen to NIN back in the 17th century, what would that be like?"

Well, now we know! Thank god!

And now, a picture of Trent Reznor carrying a large, dead turkey while being followed by a lot of angry vegetarians.

Last, but definitely not least, this incredible drawing practically speaks for itself. It clearly shows the.. uh... pilgrims and Indians... and, um... goddamn it! It's just a bunch of fucking scribbles! Bastards!

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