Monday June 2, 2003

Danny Lohner plays the bass for Keith Flint

Pseudo wrote in with some news that's easier quoted than paraphrased:
"I was at the Donnington Festival this weekend in England, I was looking forward to seeing Keith Flint's (lead singer/dancer from Prodigy) new band Flint play their first ever gig. Imagine my supprise to see Danny Lohner playing bass for him� I don't know if this is a perminant thing (mainly due to the fact that the basist in Flint's video is a chic) but it was awesome� Danny and the rest of the band rocked, although where totally underappreciated by the audience, due to playing unheard material from and unheard band� best of luck to them and Danny and thanks for your time."
Pseudo did get photos of the event, and is planning on posting them later this week -- we'll keep you updated.