Saturday July 17, 2004

Get yourself on the webcam.

Two cameras are going on again, and one of them is pointed outside. Recognize that hot, muggy street corner? There's an offer on at the moment over at Echoing the Sound;I'll give you 20 bucks (in the mail) if you can get on there with an plug.Get a piece of paper, write on itDA ETS RULZ #1And walk your happy ass down there and give us a big grin. 20 bucks, no flood control, and I'll give you a random selection of old paper off my desk. Of course, this offer is only open to the first person to do it, and you have to moon the camera to really get the money. Pressed up against the window.So if you're willing to make a fool of yourself out on what may or may not be Magazine St in front of Nothing Studios, this is your chance to make some easy money. This is also a chance to get your bare ass on