Monday April 11, 2005

What if the promotion around you is an elaborate dream?

WEEEEEE! HERE'S A ROUND UP OF SOME NIN PROMOTION!!!!!!The New Music on the Much Music cable network will be presenting Trent Reznor this evening at 9:30 EDT. They also have a swank feature section available online with some extra bits that won't be aired. Thanks, fishtifer!Here is some German MTV love for the Nails. Note that there are two video clips at the bottom of the page. Danke an alle Deutschen, die das eingeschickt haben. (Und sir.icy auch!)And finally, OMG NIN IS LIKE SO ON MYSPACE! Now YOU can be friends with Trent "OMGNINWOW" Reznor. Thanks to all who OMG TOLD US LIKE FIRST!