Thursday May 5, 2005

5-7 Working Days Postal Time.

Congratulations to the winners of the Australasian NIN Hotline Contest.
The answers, in no particular order, were:
- Twice
- Claudia Sarne and Toni Halliday
- Rob Sheridan
- The DFA are Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy.
- Halo 19 is missing.The winners, in a particular order, are:- Megan (sickamongthepure) - CD+Laminate
- James - CD+Laminate
- Julls - Laminate
- Mafu - LaminateThanks to everyone for entering!
Remember, if you're in the greater Sydney area, come along to the Newcastle "With_Teeth" launch, to go in the draw to win more albums, posters and vinyl goodies from the nice folks at Necropolis and UMG.