Tuesday May 31, 2005

Metal Edge interviews Trent.

Over at Echoing The Sound, Lizzy_zig spent many a hour painfully transcribing a brilliant interview with Trent from the recent issue of Metal Edge magazine:
"I wasn�t equipped to deal with fame, the aspects of stardom, suddenly getting a lot of money, suddenly everybody wants to be your friends, it�s a party for you every night, and everybody wants to sleep with you and give you stuff. You think that�s a cool thing - and there are cool things about that - but that�s not why I got into playing music."
Alongside his struggles with alcohol/drugs (he goes into more detail than previous interviews have published), he discusses Zach de la Rocha, Michael Jackson, touring, life lessons and his Polident sponsorship; all neatly archived for your viewing pleasure.A big thank you goes out to Lizzy_zig for her hard work.