Thursday April 5, 2007

NIN vs The Bravery - Modern-day payola in action

It looks like The Bravery has a fanbase about as looney as NIN, as they currently have over 14,000 votes in the MSN "Artist of the Month" survey, putting them in the lead at 38%. If you've got a second, let's try and correct that lead and return NIN to the forefront. No registration required or anything like that.

**update 4/6/2007 **
So after taking a healthy, healthy lead in the poll, The Bravery once again destroyed NIN. If this band had any online fan base at all, I'd accept that. If they had a fanbase like Radiohead, Tool, Depeche Mode, or even Madonna, I might even concede that perhaps we were actually validly losing. But it's The Bravery. They don't have an online fan base. Apparently we're up against either internal rigging at MSN, or a PR flack at Geffen.