Tuesday March 10, 2009

Amazon.de apparently stocks bootleg DVDs now

While Nine Inch Nails is uploading videos "in the highest quality we have" to Vimeo and YouTube, Jake found a post (dated tomorrow) on side-line.com mistakenly reporting this terribly named DVD, "Toothful Voodooland" as an official release. Apparently a live recording from the 2005 Voodoo Festival, bootleg DVDs aren't especially noteworthy, but it is strange to see them show up on Amazon, which tends to stick to officially licensed media.

Here at the Hotline, we generally avoid posting about bootlegs or the like. Frankly, if you're going to seek out unofficial video recordings, don't give waste your money on some middleman, there's a whole community ready to hook you up, along with several different efforts in assembling the "leaked" footage that came out at the beginning of this year. And while these make great mementos for shows you've been to, nothing compares at all to actually being there.