Thursday March 12, 2009

More boring server news

Sorry to break the tour updates (I love that slick little Google Map that icklekitty set up) but I might screw some things up while I move this site around, so I thought I'd let you know.

Now that I've got just about everything set up on the new server, I'm going to be changing over the DNS soon. I'll probably do this for first, and then after seeing how that goes, will move over.

What does that mean? For a brief time, this site will exist in two places simultaneously. Unfortunately, I don't have quantum entanglement to help with the process, so tomorrow, if you type to get here, you'll (hopefully) be on the new server, which may break in ways I haven't anticipated. If something goes down, don't sweat it - I'll be checking the error log file, just type in and view the site from there.

If that goes well, or, even if it doesn't, I'll throw the switch on and everything will be in one place again. If shit really hits the fan, I'll probably make panicked notes about it on Twitter throughout the day.

On the topic - thanks to all the people who've written in with offers to help out in various ways. Despite having worked most of the little stuff out during late night/early morning Google sessions, I really appreciate the generosity of you folks.