Tuesday March 17, 2009

I really don't like bad journalism, terrible reporting.

Check out this story from the Washington DC branch of Fox News, specifically, item #4:
#4: Trent Reznor, the founder of the rock band Nine Inch Nails, admitted on a blog that he often scalps tickets to his own performances—all to take the resellers out of the mix. Reznor says venues, promoters and ticket agencies often feed tickets directly to scalpers, so why not him?

Maybe the reporter who wrote this up thought Trent's blog was TL;DR. If you've got a moment, be sure to let them know that whoever wrote this up got the facts ass-backwards. But be civil about it.

Thanks for the tip, Amy!

Good thing we quoted the questionable text - the article has been updated (without any notice of the correction being made) to quote Trent's post and more accurately represent his point.