Tuesday March 31, 2009

LITS over Victoria, BC... in Vancouver, Canada

For those in the Vancouver area who were unable to attend any of the LITS tour dates, and for anyone else who might be interested: Colin Cooper plans to hold a FREE screening of his cut of the Victoria show at a private theater in Vancouver, Canada before the NINJA tour kicks off.

At this point, anybody interested in attending can send Colin an email at mr.g.westlake@gmail.com. He would also appreciate emails from anybody in the Vancouver area who might be interested in helping to organize the event. His current plan is to hold the screening at either the Norm Theater (on UBC campus) or at Pacific Cinematheque (downtown on Howe between Helmcken and Davie).

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. We'll post an update for the exact details of the showing once they become available. Thanks again go out to Colin for taking the time to create and share his edit of the show in this unique and awesome way!