Thursday June 28, 2001

September release for Romanek's "One Hour Photo"

A new feature length film by director Mark Romanek, One Hour Photo has been slated for a September 28th release - according to the Internet Movie Database. Romanek has directed many stunning music videos in the past, including The Perfect Drug and Closer for Nine Inch Nails.So where's the real tie-in, right? Well, back in March, SLSnews posted an article or two about the film - particularly it's soundtrack. During the filming of One Hour Photo, the crew used instrumental tracks from The Fragile to set the mood. Romanek was purportedly hoping to have a soundtrack assembled by Trent Reznor, whom was apparently sent copies of several scenes, according to SLS.Where are we going with this? If the movie is slated for a late September release, the soundtrack (if any) should be released about a week prior to the film. We don't know anything else but of this speculation. Thanks to howisya for filling us in!